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The repair of stucco in any setting should begin by identifying the real cause of the damage. Then repairs should be carried out immediately after the cause of damage is identified as the damage could gradually worsen over time.

Cracks in stucco can occur as a result of building settling or direct damage to the external coating. It should be noted that once water can breach the coating, either through an opening or beneath the stucco can begin to buckle or crumble.

Can you coat or paint your Stucco?

Because stucco is a porous surface made of cement, people often wonder, ”Can you paint stucco?” While you most definitely can coat or paint your stucco, there are certain paints you’ll want to avoid using and other things to consider.

Choosing the right kind of paint will prevent blistering and peeling as well as prevent moisture from penetrating the material and causing damage. So let us show you what paint works best for you project as well as popular stucco color choices to consider. 

How is Stucco coated?

The best way to do it is by spraying it, that way you can ensure an even and uniform coverage to the entire surface. Here are four steps you must follow to ensure a long lasting job.

Step 1 

Start by cleaning the surface area of any dust or grime. Apply an appropriate cleaner. Go over the surface with a stiff brush to clean the deeply grooved exterior. If done properly, a power washer may be used. Allow your stucco to dry for at least 24 hours before you begin painting. 

Step 2 

Thoroughly inspect your stucco. Be sure you fill in any small cracks in your stucco with masonry caulk. Remove any loose stucco with a putty knife and repair it with stucco patching compound. 

Step 3

Using a napped roller, apply an acrylic primer to your stucco. Cut in the corners with a synthetic paint brush. Acrylic primers are a good choice because they adhere well to the uneven, rough finish of the stucco. You may want to apply two coats for the best coverage. Just be cautious to allow enough drying time between coats to prevent the primer from dripping. 

Step 4 

Apply paint as you did the primer spraying evenly and allowing the product to dry at least 24 hours between coats.

How long will stucco coating last?

If everything was done correctly you can expect it to last 25+ years!

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